XMLNews Specifications

The XMLNews specifications were developed in Spring, 1999 to fill gaps in existing news-industry specifications. XMLNews consists of two parts: XMLNews-Story, a subset of an early version of NITF, and XMLNews-Meta, a simple metadata format based on the World Wide Web Consortium's Resource Description Framework (RDF). Several news amalgamators and providers, including Wavo and iSyndicate, use the XMLNews specifications.

Since these specifications were released, the NITF standard for textual news content has matured considerably, and new specifications have appeared for metadata, including NewsML, PRISM, and RSS 1.0.

Technical Overview

A high-level technical overview of how the XMLNews specifications work together.

XML Basics

A short, tutorial introduction to XML.

XMLNews-Meta Documentation

A tutorial, specification, and DTD for creating metadata records for news objects.

XMLNews-Story Documentation

A tutorial, specification, and DTD for creating XML-format news stories.

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